The silent duct type SDO consists of an outer pipe, a perforated inner pipe, a lining to prevent fibers from polluting the air, two special end plates and an intermediate sound-absorbing material 25 mm or 50 mm thick.
A narrower, but longer silencer compensates for the reduced thickness of insulation compared with traditional silencers that have thicker insulation. In certain cases it can be an advantage to use the length of the duct system instead of the width to achieve the desired attenuating effect. This is the idea behind Silent Duct.
Silent Duct is especially suited for buildings with visible ducts. Where the duct system and the silencers are visible and form part of the room, the SDO is a perfect choice. By connecting the duct on the outer diameter of the Silent Duct you can ensure uniform dimensions of the duct system, and thus achieve a harmonious appearance within the room.
SDO is also very well suited when it comes to efficient attenuation of noise from room to room.
SDO is available in dimensions from ødy=160 to ødy=630 (outer diameter) and in standard lengths of 3 m and 6 m.

Tested according to ISO 7235 standard.

Special materials and sizes, please contact Lindab sales.

2 Softwares

  • CADvent Enabler

    CADvent Enabler is a software that allows users to open dwg drawing files, created with CADvent in AutoCAD.

  • DIMsilencer

    Based on the specified requirements DIMsilencer provides quick, professional sound calculation as well as simple product selection combined with a high degree of user-friendliness.