Fire classes without protective distance: EI 30, E 120 Fire classes (According to Swedish regulations) with protective distance to :

evacuation person:

2,5 kW/m2EI 120 at distance 50 mm

combustible materials:

10 kW/m2EI 120 at distance 50 mm

Nominal insulation thickness 50 mm.

Tested according to ISO 7235 standard.

Special materials and sizes, please contact Lindab sales.

To select the appropriate silencer and optimize connection size and length for the best performance you can use our online tool lindQST or our free to download software DIMsilencer.

2 Softwares

  • CADvent Enabler

    CADvent Enabler is a software that allows users to open dwg drawing files, created with CADvent in AutoCAD.

  • DIMsilencer

    Based on the specified requirements DIMsilencer provides quick, professional sound calculation as well as simple product selection combined with a high degree of user-friendliness.