ULV is a rectangular fresh air valve for installation in external walls behind radiators. The valve is equipped with a damper that is opened and closed by means of a handle on the top. In order to achieve a good seal against the wall, the back of the valve is equipped with a sealing strip made of synthetic foam rubber. Three telescopic wall sleeve are available as accessories to the valves, including the sound-attenuated version. The valve can also be supplied with an extended damper arm. ULV is used for the intake of fresh air in connection with a mechanical exhaust system, whereby good utilisation of air jet and convection heat is achieved. ULV is typically used in homes and premises where there are requirements for a solution that is simple and economical to install. Valve type ULV2 should be selected where maximum heating is required.

  • Excellent utilisation of air jet and convection heating
  • Fits wall thicknesses from 230 mm to 440 mm
  • Can be supplied with sound-insulated telescope
  • Wall sleeve in brick dimensions

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