Lindab Protect

​Protect Life and Property

A fire in a building may cause extensive damage to property, leading to major financial consequences for the property owner. But fire in building environments primarily poses a threat to the people inside those buildings. Safe, reliable ventilation fire protection systems ensure that damage and injuries are kept to a minimum or even prevented in the event of an accident.

Lindab Protect is our range of ventilation fire protection systems offering greater safety in ventilation systems. Solutions which we have developed in order to protect property – and save lives.

Solutions for a safe indoor environment

In the event of a fire, the air is heated and expands in volume, leading to a pressure increase in the fire cell. This increase in pressure forces combustion gases into the ventilation system and risks spreading them to
other fire cells. This must be prevented so that nobody comes to harm.

Certified and reliable fire protection

When it comes to fire protection in ventilation systems, it is incredibly important for the entire system to be of the very highest quality. Only when you know that each component is reliable and will remain stable in a fire can you feel secure. With Lindab’s ventilation fire protection systems, you will.

Every component in our solutions is tested in the harshest of environments and is certified in accordance with the strictest standards (EN12101-7) for ventilation fire protection systems.


 In a nutshell

  • ​Control and extract combustion gas and heat in the event of a fire
  • Keep rooms and corridors clear of smoke
  • Delay and/or prevent flashover
  • Facilitate and streamline evacuation and firefighting
  • Minimise damage to property and the structure of
    the building
  • Save lives and keep people safe