Lindab Hospital Solutions

Hospital Solutions

Preventing the spread of contagions is an important task for ventilation in hospitals. In some types of care, low levels of contagions in the air are absolutely crucial to the outcome, for example in transplants and patients with burn injuries. The reliability of each component is therefore absolutely crucial in ensuring the ventilation system is completely safe. Operating theatres and laboratories are complex systems with extreme hygiene requirements on materials and equipment. At the same time, all of these rooms are individual projects that require the utmost precision and flexibility – both as regards design and adaptation to the project’s specific needs.

Lindab can meet the very highest technical requirements in places where maximum hygiene safety has to be assured, such as operating theatres, laboratories and intensive care wards.

Hospital case – Krka KSC

“Customised turnkey
solution for demanding clean room”

Lindab’s turnkey solutions for clean rooms, which include supply of air filtration, distribution and volume control systems, as well as the supply and installation of special walls, doors and lighting elements, are meeting with a great response in different markets. One of the projects where Lindab provided a complete solution for clean room and supplied the HVAC system, a building management system and carried out all mechanical installations, is the headquarters of the company RLS in Komenda, Slovenia.

Hazardous areas

Another project was Krka KRC, a chemical R&D centre within the Slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka in Novo Mesto, designed to develop new pharmaceutical products. For this demanding facility, which requires a high level of air purity, the air is supplied through AFV-8G diffusers for hazardous areas (category 2 and 3G), while air extraction is fulfilled by air handling units for hazardous areas (category 3G). Firstly the exhaust air passes through FR filter grilles and, additionally, in order to protect the environment from potentially hazardous dust particles, also through duct units with HEPA filters in an explosion-proof version.

A safe solution

For this purpose, a special AKF Ex unit of category 3G for hazardous areas was developed, with a safe filter replacement system (bag-in/bag-out) with pre-filter, two consecutive HEPA filters and a by-pass with filters containing activated carbon. This by-pass is activated via airtight dampers (airtightness class 2 according to EN 1751) and NC drives for hazardous areas in case of handling hazardous compounds. The filter with activated carbon eliminates these compounds (via chemical reaction) and the thus purified air can be released into the environment.