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The most important financial key ratio in the hotel industry is the occupancy rate. Needless to say, the occupancy rate is directly linked to the guest’s well-being. Important requirements relating to comfort include fresh air and a pleasant, quiet room. The ventilation solution must meet, and ideally exceed, the guest’s requirements.

Since everyone is different, with individual needs and requirements relating to comfort, a demand-controlled indoor climate is often the optimal solution. Aside from the quality of the system solutions, other important aspects include high energy efficiency and low operating cost, along with minimal maintenance.

Lindab’s solutions help ensure that the guest has a perfect stay, at the lowest possible energy cost.

Hotel case – The Conrad Algarve Hotel

“Providing a complete and optimal solution for the project”

The Conrad Algarve, part of the Hilton hotel chain, is located in one of the most exclusive parts of the Algarve coastal region in the south of Portugal, named the Palacio da Quinta. As the first Conrad hotel in Portugal, it not only boasts a beautiful location –  the prestigious complex with 158 guest rooms also features two luxury restaurants, a cocktail bar with a terrace, and two swimming pools as well as other water-related attractions. The hotel’s extensive offering also includes a wellness centre and separate fitness centre.

Details make perfection

The hotel is one of the most modern five star hotels in the region. This contemporary luxury hotel is uniquely styled, from the five individual restaurant and private balconies to the guest rooms. With contemporary design and technology flowing throughout the luxurious accommodation in harmony with beautiful natural surroundings, every detail plays an important part in achieving perfection. Not least the tailor-made ventilation solution.

Fire safety included 

Lindab played an important part in the construction of the hotel, providing a complete package including 40 air handling units for central air preparation, while also supplying 300 round and square fire dampers for fire safety. As an optimal solution for the distribution of air for this project, ventilating grilles and over 500 diffusers with varying dimensions were chosen.