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Air flow, air quality, temperature and sound level are all factors that affect our performance in an office environment. There is also a link between the air change rate and sick leave. In other words, a good indoor climate in office buildings is very important to productivity, comfort and – above all – people’s well-being. Demand-controlled ventilation and cooling is an intelligent way of saving energy while also ensuring an optimal indoor climate.
The building’s architecture, location and the nature of the activities in the building are just some of the factors that influence requirements relating to the solution’s quality, aesthetics and functionality.
Lindab helps you to customise the right solution for a productive indoor climate and can meet requests for the most specialised solutions.

Office case - DSV

“Delivering solutions that completely meet the customers’ requirements on function, quality and aesthetics”

DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics services with around 22,000 employees and its own offices in more than 75 countries. Lindab has delivered a complete indoor climate and ventilation solution for the group’s newly built headquarters in Hedehusene, outside Copenhagen. One of the specifications was cooling beams with built-in LED lighting.
“Lindab delivered an excellent solution which both the architect and the ordering client are delighted with. Lindab has also, as usual, delivered the right product at the right time, given us fast, effective support and been there for us throughout the project,” says Susanne Brumé Haacks, construction manager at ventilation installers JT3 Klima who installed the system.
The solution is another example of how function, aesthetics and high quality can be united in a modern, energy-efficient indoor climate system. he solution is another example of how function, aesthetics and high quality can be united in a modern, energy-efficient indoor climate system.

Customised cooling beam with built-in LED lighting

Visible from the stunning atrium are the countless Premum cooling beams delivered by Lindab and furnished with specially designed LED light fittings. PLH Architects alongside consultants Moe A/S and light makers Philips designed a beam prototype with integrated LED lighting. Lindab adapted its existing Premum cooling beam for LED to meet the special requirements.

A comprehensive solution delivery

The 350 Premum beams are in the open-plan office spaces and common areas, while the LCP diffusers and MBBV plenum boxes are in the large, light canteen on the ground floor, and in large and small conference rooms with temperature and CO2-controlled VAV systems. The entire building has low energy consumption and is classified as a low-energy building.
Lindab’s expertise, resources and solutions have the primary aim of bringing our customers success, by delivering solutions that completely meet their customers’ requirements on function, quality and aesthetics. If, as in this case, we can also be involved at an early stage, we can put forward some great ideas to ensure the best possible solution.