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Every day we breathe in around 20,000 litres of air. A good indoor climate in residential buildings is therefore essential for people to feel well in their homes. Altered living habits also entail an increasing need for better air and greater comfort. Intelligent homes that make their own smart decisions and demand-controlled indoor climate solutions meet these needs, and also fulfil an important function in the environmental conversion.
Feeling safe in our homes, where we cook, sleep and spend time with our family, is another requirement. And in apartment blocks, which are home to several families, these requirements occur in tandem. Ventilation solutions that help to restrict and obstruct the spread of fire can be an instrumental part of the complete ventilation solution.

Residential case – Palazzo San Carlo

"The aim was to create first-class accommodation with an extremely energy-efficient ventilation system"

Extending throughout the heart of Turin’s historic and cultural centre is Via Roma, the city’s principal shopping street and address for cultural heritage buildings such as the Palazzo San Carlo. However, at the beginning of 2013, parts of the large Palazzo San Carlo building were converted into apartments. As part of the project, Lindab supplied a complete indoor climate solution for homes using the Lindab Inside concept.

Simple with Lindab Inside

The French property company Nexity specialises in luxurious property developments in top locations in French and Italian cities, of which New Palazzo San Carlo is a typical example. In conjunction with the designer, Al Engineering, and the installation contractors, Tecno Engineering, Lindab supplied a complete ventilation solution that could be simply integrated in the building.
The challenge was to supply a system that would surpass even the most stringent EU energy standards, but which would also be possible to install simply and discreetly in the sensitive building. Positioning vent shafts behind an extended facade created new options for effective ventilation in the existing buildings.
“With our technical expertise and Lindab Inside we were able to tackle it with no major problems,” says Luca Bovolenta of Lindab.

Quality solution enabled quality living

The aim was to create first-class accommodation with an extremely energy-efficient ventilation system, while retaining the form of this historically important building.
“In light of Lindab’s high-level technical expertise, we were convinced that they would deliver a complete and quiet solution that meets all the requirements,” explains Andrea Chieregato of Tecno Engineering.