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Priča ukratko:

Elektrotek opened modern 3 storey office with surface of 1,731 m² and 1,378m² warehouse.  The project, erected in 5 months, has a DSR Double Skin Roof Systems. 

Polovni proizvodi:

The Elektrotek Company operates all over Poland. It sells cables, coil cables, insulated wiring and electrical and installation accessories.  They have chosen Lindab to build new offices in Bielany Wrocławki, near Wrocław (Poland), and contracted Artim-Serwis, a long-term Lindab authorized builder.
Elektrotek opened a modern three-storey office with warehouse surface areas of 1,731m² and 1,378m².  The project, erected in five months, has a DSR Double Skin Roof System. 

The Elektrotek Company rents offices to two different companies, with a total of 100 people working in the building.  The customer
was very satisfied with the execution, functionality and aesthetics of their building and benefitted from their great construction experience 




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