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Priča ukratko:

The delivery consisted of 22 Lindab Doorline industrial doors, each measuring 6 x 7.2 m. The delivery had to be made within 15 working days. In spite of extremely short production times, and extensive coordination with other suppliers, the delivery was made right on time.

Polovni proizvodi:

Lindab Denmark has recently made two special deliveries of over 50 Doorline Industrial Doors in total.
“What both deliveries had in common was that they had to solve and fulfil fairly special customer requirements,” explains Jørgen Luff, Sales Manager for Lindab’s facility in Jels, Denmark, where Lindab’s industrial and garage doors are manufactured.
One of the cases involved havingto deliver 22 industrial doors at very short notice to one of Denmark’s largest manufacturers of wind power stations, Hendricks Industries. The other case involved delivering 34 blue industrial doors to the new facility of the Cevital foodstuffs group in eastern Algeria.
The wind power industry has without a doubt wind in its sails. So, when Hendricks Industries decided to seek help from the building contractor Jørgen Friis Poulsen in Herning, things would reallypick up speed. The requirement was for Lindab to deliver and assemble 22.6 x 7.2 m sized industrial doors within 15 working days.
“It was quite achallenge, but naturally we accepted it,” continues Jørgen Luff. “The delivery went impeccably and we were able to give good support regarding the solution itself and make sure that the cooperation with the other suppliers on the building site worked well.”