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LMR600 consists of 600mm wide roll formed panels with a 50mm high corrugation. The panel is fixed with a clip allowing linear and lateral expansion and contraction. The flat side of the panel contains cross flutes improving the panel performance under foot traffic. The panels are produced in 0.66mm nominal thickness Aluzinc coated high tensile strength steel.

In order to maintain the water tightness integrity and aesthetic appearance, a full range of accessories adapted to LMR600 roof systems have been developed:
skylights, translucent panels, smoke vents, ventilators, polycarbonate vaults, roof curbs, monovent

- The clip allows free expansion and contraction, thus avoiding any stress in the roof system
- Long-lasting, ultimate moisture tightness
- Side lap formed on site with a special seaming machine, crimping a 360° double-lock seam
- The panel is connected to the secondary structure with a special clip and roll formed on its top into the seam
- Once seamed the entire roof forms a monolithic metal membrane
- Thermal bridges reduced to spacing clips

Three effective systems
Single skin roof with or without Isobloc
This system is the most cost-effective one. The insulation is made of soft faced glass fiber providing good acoustical comfort. It is available with Isobloc to increase insulation thickness for improved overall thermal performance and reduction of thermal bridges.

Single skin roof with bridge
This system offers superior thermal efficiency and advanced condensation control by reducing the thermal bridge to a minimum. It also prevents the insulation being compressed at the location of the secondary framing elements. It increases insulation thickness through spacer bridges.

Double skin roof
It offers the best possible insulation up to 200mm. It includes all the advantages of the bridge solution. It has a solid and aesthetic appearance thanks to the internal panel that acts as vapor barrier, best fire rating. Optional acoustic panel for increased noise absorption.

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