Podium is the lightest supply air beam available on the market. Podium is Capella's sister product; the difference between the two beams is that Podium also uses supply air.

Podium is mounted on the ceiling and supplies cooling through natural convection and radiation, which results in a draught-free climate.

35% of the cooling supplied by Podium comes from radiation and the rest from convection. Compared to a conventional beam, Podium provides a significantly higher cooling effect at lower room temperatures.

Podium can be provided with the following features: Regula Secura condensation guard, valves and actuators, etc. Podium offers many possibilities and great flexibility; for example, you can have Podium coated in any colour you want.

  • High degree of radiant cooling
  • Low operating pressure
  • Available in length up to 6m
  • Eurovent certified

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