Polaris S


Polaris S has a large cooling capacity, uses one-way air injection and can therefore be used to advantage in rooms with small spaces and substantial cooling requirements.
In terms of appearance, Polaris S in width 60 looks similar to Polaris I and Professor. Polaris/Professor can therefore be used alternately in the same room to provide an architectonic uniform appearance in the room. Polaris S is equipped with divergent nozzles, which results in a draft-free indoor climate.
Polaris S can be used for cooling, heating and ventilation. Polaris S can be provided with the following features Drypac condensation protection, Regula Secura condensation guard, built-in valves and actuators, built-in exhaust air valve, etc. The product offers many possibilities and great flexibility.

  • High cooling performance
  • Available in one- and two-way diffusion pattern
  • Fan-shaped distribution pattern
  • High hygiene – easy to clean
  • Eurovent certified

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