DJP is a rectangular control and shut-off damper.

DJP has opposing aerodynamic damper blades that are rotated via a lever device. The damper is supplied with an LS connection system for rectangular ducts. The damper can be used for pressure or volume flow regulation with external control options (open, closed, min., max.) depending on the form of control/regulation.

DJP is available with a spring return motor, so the damper can be used as a smoke damper. The damper can be controlled by an FRA (as a VRA) or a PR regulator, directly by a temperature sensor or BMS system (2–10 V modulating) or as a slave for another damper (mechanical slave operation with the same damper position).

When ordering, it is important to specify the form of control, and whether the damper motor must be programmable. All DJP dampers have Belimo motors installed.

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