LKV is a square LKA type diffuser with integrated motor for supply air of variable air volume (VAV). The integrated motorized damper ensures a constant throw so the Coanda effect always is maintained. The damper setting can be controlled by a room regulator, BMS or other 2-10 V control signal.

  • Can vary the volume flow between 0-100 %
  • Min. flow preset from factory *)
  • Max. flow to be set in MBB box based on k-value
  • Settings can be changed with ZTH-GEN or Belimo PC-tool
  • VAV zone pressure must be controlled
  • The diffuser must be installed together with a MBB-S type plenum box
  • For exhaust LKA can be used

*) Min. setting and k-value are made from a pre-defined, available constant pressure in the air duct immediately before the diffuser. The diffuser is typically used at a constant pressure of 30-50 Pa.

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