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At DNF’s new offices in Sandnes there are approx. 90 Plexus units. Together with a heat pump system, this gives the building a very high rating under Norway’s new energy rating system.
The absence of radiators give the rooms an attractive airiness and openness.

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Norway has just introduced a new energy rating for buildings following the model for white goods, i.e. Class “A” is the best, Class “B” second best etc.
“It seemed quite natural to use our own sealed facade elements, which is already contributing to a high rating,” adds Henning Løland. “But a different and very critical factor for the building’s energy consumption is linked to systems for ventilation, heating and cooling. There too, we had a clear objective to find the very best solution. Through our HVAC installer, DNF KlimaSystem, our eyes were opened to a new product from Lindab, the new Plexus chilled beam with combined ventilation, cooling and heating.”
“We have sold Plexus ‘generation 1’, containing functions for cooling and ventilation to a number of projects here in Norway,” says Dag Thomsen, CEO of KlimaSystem and exclusive retailer  of the water-based Lindab Comfort range in Norway. “When we learned that Lindab in Farum had begun the development of a new Plexus that would not only provide ventilation and cooling but also a heating part, we felt this would be a perfect product for Block Berge’s new extension. This delivery therefore became something of a special delivery, since the product had not actually been officially launched in the summer of 2009 when this installation was carried out.”


Orstadvegen 128 A

4353 Klepp Stasjon


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