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“A coating facility like this one, measuring 16,000 m2, equipped with powder dispensers, large drying ovens and a 90 m pre-treatment and washing stage, puts huge demands on the indoor climate, from both a comfort and energy perspective,” explains service technician Jörgen Gröndahl at Jitech. “Faced with a choice of powder/paint or pure powder coating we chose the latter. Since we found that the systems were qualitatively comparable, we
chose powder since it requires less ventilation air flow and provides a higher degree of heat recovery from the furnaces.”
The plant gets its air supply from the 2 supply air units in the paint shop and 2 FTX units in the warehouse and assembly hall, giving a total air volume of about 40 m3/s.

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Småland engineering company Jitech is involved in the development and manufacture of complete products in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. In order to coordinate and streamline the business, a brand new powder coating plant has recently been built.
“This is one of Europe’s most flexible facilities,” says Mikael Johnsson, project manager at Jitech. “We have not just had strict demands for increased quality, faster processing and better logistics. Energy efficiency
is also high up on the list of demands.”
Lindab HLD displacement diffusers with thermal control as well as a complete Lindab Safe duct system have helped to achieve these energy goals.The ventilation air from the pre-treatment and washing stage is warm and has a high humidity. Having separate systems with battery recycling for these two processes, the supply air for the premises is heated using recovered waste heat, which contributes to reduced energy consumption and improved energy balance.
Every system for extracted and supply air, except in some of the moistest parts of the washing track, has been delivered by Lindab as well as all the diffusers and the suspended HLD diffusers.
“Displacement diffusers often stand on the workshop floor and tend to be dented one week after installation, but with Lindab’s inverted HLD diffuser, this problem is completely avoided and the diffuser can be placed entirely based on the ventilation requirement,” says Kjell Jacobsson. “Lindab constantly provides thorough responses and with Lindab’s IT support, we receive help with calculations of sound, pressure loss, diffusion patterns and so on.”


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