January 29, 2013

Building of the Year 2012

We are pleased to present the winner of the 2012 Building of the Year competition. This Belarus project was chosen by a majority vote of Lindab Builders from the 12 “Building of the Month” contributions.

​Congratulations to Stalnye Zdanija LTD for this 7,200m² building in Belarus
Shate-M Plus decided to complete new 7,200m² office and warehouse, with a LPR1000 roof system, a LPA900/LPD1000 wall system and large glazings, reflecting its brand and its market position in Belarus and rewarded the contract to Stalnye Zdanija LTD.

Lindab quality, competitive price and flexibility to optimize the interior of the building to best suit the needs of production and storage, plus the reputation of Builder Stalnye Zdanija for high quality work and its ability to execute a complete turnkey contract, were decisive factors for Shate-M Plus.

For more information about this building, please click here.
Builder: Stalnye Zdanija LTD (Belarus)
Customer: Shate-M Plus
Architect: Projogo Lybov Petrovna