From all to small

Lindab provides the construction industry with a wide range of components and systems using steel as a common material. We offer an unlimited range of economical, functional, simple, and environmental construction solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Or just a couple of rivets. It's entirely up to you to decide to what extent you want to do to business with us.
Our building systems makes it possible to design and build hypermarkets, car showrooms, sports arenas or warehouses quickly and cost-efficiently - without compromising on appearance. Tailormade or standard building systems from Lindab represent a very attractive option for quality-conscious companies and municipalities with rigid time schedules and budgets.

Steel and sheet metal are versatile materials that can be specifically fashioned to meet all your requirements. With our range of building systems and components you have endless opportunities to create your own, uniquely individual design.

Each project is a one-off and calls for its own unique solutions. It’s not merely a question of designing the construction, but also of optimizing it. Lindab’s software can dimension and quantify materials, insulation, fire protection, noise reduction – and much more – for the entire project. In short, project planning is optimized and will be exactly what you need delivered to the building site precut, marked up and ready to mount.​