Lindab Driving Innovation Forward

Driving Innovation Forward

Our most innovative patents yet

Innovation is at the core of Lindab’s business. Lindab continuously invent and launch patented technologies that lead the way forward by putting future issues such as simplicity and energy-efficiency high on the agenda.

Here are some of Lindabs most recent and exciting patented technologies.


With multiple applications within the ventilation industry, UltraLink is a unique and energy saving method of measuring temperature and airflow.

There are no obstacles in the air stream as the technology is based on ultrasound sensors. Lindab UltraLink allows high accuracy of air flow measurement also with low air velocity.

Features and Benefits of Lindab UltraLink:

  • Unique algorithm to find the flow.
  • Magnet on the shaft to indicate the position directly on the print.
Lindab Pascal - Intelligent DCV-System 

Lindab Pascal is a demand Controlled Ventilation System (DCV). Developed and designed to simplify and optimise all phases of construction LIndab Pascal maintains a healthy indoor climate without compromising with energy efficiency.

Features and Benefits of Lindab Pascal

  • Patented MBBV damper with perforated cylinder.
  • To create a linear pressure drop Lindab Pascal has been designed with holes of different sizes.
  • Even at high pressure drops Lindab Pascal minimises the noise level.​