How to achieve a better climate by wasting less energy.

Think Less.

If you look up inside of a building and spot a circular air duct, it’s likely to be part of a Lindab system. We design circular duct systems because the benefits are big compared to traditional rectangular systems. Less energy consumption, better operating economy and less noise are just a few
benefits of doing so. This is possible because our round-shaped systems are airtight. Another big environmental benefit with this shape is that it uses 25 percent less steel than a rectangular system.

At Lindab, we are continuously developing solutions that make it easier
to create a healthy indoor climate and save energy. For instance, you can
automatically have ventilation, cooling and lighting adjust to how many
people are present in a room at a given time. We design our solutions
from steel, a highly recyclable material that allows us to design thin, light products that require less material and less energy. In addition, emissions are held to a minimum.

Whatever your ventilation needs may be, we not only give you the most reliable and economical solution available, you get our full support, smart tools and lots of advice as well.