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Story in short:

Lindab Click in the colour Dark Grey was used for the 800m2 roof and all flashings, gutters and roof safety in the colour 087 dark grey were supplied by Lindab.

Used products:

Kiwi opened a new shop in Monsterhamn, Hardangerfjorden in Norway. The contractor of the project, Idealhus AS dealer of Nordbohus, chose Lindab SRP Click in the colour d​ark grey for the roof of 800 m2. Lindab also delivered all flashings, gutters and roof safety in the colour 087 dark grey.
"We are very pleased with the outcome and believe the building as a whole is neat and tidy, and the roof helps to emphasize that. We will now start to build carports in connection with the building, and it is only natural to obtain prices from Lindab for the same type of product, " said Nils Erik Ådnanes at Idealhus Nils Erik Adnanes.