Fire-Smoke Dampers

About Fire/Smoke Dampers

Fire Dampers;
You may never need a 6 hour rated fire damper but it is comforting to know that all NCA Fire dampers come with a certified 6 hour integrity. There is no premium to pay for this exceptional quality and integrity, it is simply offered as a value added benefit. NCA Fire dampers are probably the best value for money in the field of fire protection.

Fire Smoke Dampers;
To be truly effective a fire smoke damper must combine an integrity capable of withstanding the worst fires, with an extremely low leakage rate preventing the passage of smoke through ductwork. With the absence of UK fire smoke standards however, manufacturers are able to self define what a fire smoke damper is, hence choosing the best units its important.

NCA fire smoke dampers have been fully tested for leakage at both ambient and elevated temperatures, and consistently outperform typical fire smoke dampers equipped with jamb seals only. As if that was not enough, NCA fire smoke dampers have been cycled 5000 times to ensure closure, and also come with the same 6 hour guarantee of integrity as the whole NCA range of fire protection equipment.

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