ACQ - Acoustic Inline Fans



The new generation of ACQ fans feature a 50mm acoustic lined sound controlled housing rated Class 'O' for use where quiet operation is required. The housing is designed to be as compact as possible for concealed false ceiling applications.

Manufactured in galvanised sheet metal, with integral anchorage points to allow the fan to be suspended at any angle, via drop rods or anti vibration mounts, ensuring a quick and easy solution to installation of the in-line acoustic fans. The access panel is easily removed for inspection using the four quick release catches provided.

The full range of Acoustic fans are also available, finished with optional C.R.P (Chlorinated Rubber Paint), ensuring the unit is fully weatherproofed and suitable for external mounting. All weatherproofed units are manufactured to order. Note the standard product codes are suffixed with ‘WP’ eg ACQ100-12CWP.

Eleven models are available in sizes 100, 125, 150, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400 and 500, providing air volumes from 0.075m³/s to 1.609m³/s (270m³/h to 5,792 m³/h) at free air. Designed for pressures up to 550 Pa.


At the heart of the range is a proven external rotor motor and forward curved galvanised impeller assembly specially selected for its performance. The assembly is dynamically balanced to ISO 1940.

Motors are rated to IP44 according to BS EN 60529. Ball bearings are greased for life and allow the fan to run at any angle. Insulation isClass 'B' (from -15°C to +50°C).

All Acoustic fans are suitable for speed control with either an electronic or auto transformer. An Auto Transformer is recommended to ensure minimum noise levels during speed control so eliminating any possibility of motor harmonic noise.


The ACQ range is supplied with motors wound to suit a 230V/1ph/50Hz supply capacitor start and run, in addition size 500 is available to suit 400V/3ph/50Hz.

Terminal Box
An IP54 Terminal Box is supplied with all models with 20mm cable gland entry.


Unit Size a b c d e Weight (Kg)
ACQ100-12C 291 363 171 272 97 14
ACQ125-12C 291 363 171 272 122 14
ACQ150-12C 291 363 171 272 147 14
ACQ160-12C 291 363 171 272 157 14
ACQ200-12C 345 400 203 336 197 20
ACQ250-12C 400 489 233 336 247 25
ACQ315-12LC 458 537 258 446 312 35
ACQ315-14HC 495 614 295 499 312 45
ACQ400-14C 495 660 253 499 397 50
ACQ500-14C 649 732 357 670 497 75
ACQ500-34C 649 732 357 670 497 75



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