Centrif Duo Plus



Ultra Quick Ventilation
Centrif Duo Plus is designed to provide extraction levels that comply with Building Regulation (Document F) requirements, with special humidity sensing variants for local authority use.

The Centrif Duo Plus is for kitchens and utility rooms and large bathrooms. Surface mounting directly into standard 100mm diameter ducting, through the wall or ceiling installation.

Fast installation
The Centrif Duo Plus has a 100mm circular spigot. The Flush mounting kit enables the spigot to be converted to a side outlet. The spigot also encloses a built-in, spring operated backdraught shutter. The Centrif Duo Plus Range can be wall mounted using a telescopic wall fitting kit available as an accessory (requires a 115mm diameter hole). For ceiling applications the range is ducted either through a soffit outlet or roof cowl assembly. There is convenient access
for wiring which can be surface or recessed

Model Range

Centrif Duo Plus P
Single speed kitchen extract fan with pullcord. Choice of two boost speeds which are set at installation.
Stock Ref No: 431613A
Centrif Duo Plus T (Timer)
Single speed with adjustable timer between 2-30 minutes. Choice of two boost speeds, set at installation.
Stock Ref No: 431614A
Centrif Duo Plus DP (Two Speed)
Two speed and Off with pullcord or remote switch. Switches between off, low and one of the 2 boost speeds
Stock Ref No: 431615A
Centrif Duo Plus HTP (Humidity)
Auto humidity sensing low fan speed with pullcord or remote switch, high speed override. Intermittent or continuous running.
Stock Ref No: 431616A





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Weight 1.75kg



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