Duet Range - Run and Standby Fans



Duet is a range of run and standby fans designed to provide extraction levels that comply with Building regulations (Document F) for bathrooms and WC's and incorporates a run on timer. All models offer automatic changeover on fan failure.Ultra quiet and particularly suitable for areas where unobtrusive sound levels are essential, Duet is available for surface, recessed or duct mounting. Duet meets the requirement of Health Technical Memorandum 2025, foul extract ventilation systems 2.8. Ideal for new build and refurbishment installations.

Duet features include a backdraught shutter, LED indicators showing the status of the unit, self diagnostic check of controls before the fan will start, run and standby facility, 5-25 minute run on timer and 24 hour auto fan changeover. Suitable for ambient temperatures of up to +40°C, built-in dust filters.

Duet is suitable for use with 100mm diameter ducting or flat ducting, for installations that need concealed ducting, with a minimal ceiling void of only 90mm required.

The motors are manufactured with long life self aligning sleeve bearings, impedance protected. Insulation is to Class H.

The housing and fan scroll are manufactured from high quality polymeric materials. The control circuitry is mounted within its own enclosure.

Model Range

Duet Surface
Requires 100mm circular hole in wall. Fan 1/ Fan 2 running indicators, fault indicator.
Stock Ref No: 180510C
Duet Recessed
Flush-mounted model with 100mm discharge spigot. Two flush-mounted washable filter panels, Fan 1/Fan 2 running indicators, fault indicator.
Stock Ref No: 180610C
Duet Duct
Sheet metal construction. Up to 2 inlets can be connected. 100mm discharge spigots.
Stock Ref No: 180710C


100mm Wall Fitting Kits (White)
100mm Wall Fitting Kits (White) For installing into most walls using the telescopic liners supplied.
Stock Ref No: 254102
Quick fix 100mm Wall Grille (Ivory)
Quick fix 100mm Wall Grille (Ivory)
Stock Ref No: 563521
Vent-cowl for connection to 100mm rigid pipe
External termination for 100mm diameter rigid ducting through roofs and walls in exposed situations. Overall diameter 200mm. Not suitable for use with flexible ducting. Features & Benefits:
  • Material: grey PVCu.
Downloads Catalogue Pages
Stock Ref No: 561403
100mm Flexible Ducting (6 metre)
Stock Ref No: 566604
Condensation trap for 100mm rigid duct
100mm Condensation trap, for fitting in vertical rigid PVCu pipe ducting. Must be used where pipe ducts pass through unheated roof voids. Fitted with 20mm pipe connection for running off condensate. Not suitable for use with flexible ducting.
Stock Ref No: 563516

Product Specification

Built In Controls
Adjustable Timer from 5-25 minutes, to comply with Building Regulations , Document F. 24 hour automatic duty share changeover. Any external electro-mechanical switch can be used eg. ThermoSwitch, HumidiSwitch. Double insulated appliance.
Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz

Optional Remote indicator
The remote fan indicator unit provides fan status information at a convenient position remote from the main unit. Stock Ref. No.18 00 10C

Single fan only performance

Manufacturers of some fluorescent/low energy lighting systems indicate that these can interfere with other electronic/timing circuits. For reliable operation of these circuits we recommend therefore that a tungsten filament light is used.

Type Stock Ref. No. Remote Indicator Stock Ref. No. Amps @ 240V Extract m³/h Performance l/s Max Watts dB(A) 85m³/h
Surface 18 00 10C + 18 00 10C 0.25 122 33 35 Both fans running 37 One fan running 34
Recessed 18 06 10C + 18 00 10C 0.25 122 33 35 Both fans running 36 One fan running 33
Duct 18 07 10C + 18 00 10C 0.25 122 33 35 Both fans running 36 One fan running 33







Surface 347 170 224 69 99 35
Recessed 385 233 366 255 98 230 35
Duct 366 233 230 36 98


Duet Surface


Duet Recessed


Duet Duct


Typical Specifications

Supply and install a Duet run and standby fan suitable for mounting in wall, ceiling or ducted applications as manufactured by

Vent-Axia Ltd
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9YX
Telephone: 0844 056 0590

The fan performance should meet building regulations of 30 l/s suitable for bathrooms or utility rooms.


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