FENV and FENH Fan Coil Units


BiniClima by EuroClima FENV/FENH

The wide range of heating and cooling capacities, the efficient control of room conditions, and the independent user control offered by single room units are the major advantages available. With their unique characteristics and benefits, they are in a leading position in the market for environmental control. Their special features are quietness, cleanliness of filtered air and fresh air makeup either directly from outside or by a central air conditioning system. These benefits provide a guarantee of quality and product rationality in design, efficiency and use. These units offer a quick installation time and a long operational life due to the utilization of solid metallic components.

Vertical Chassis Concealed Unit (FENV)

Designed for installation behind an architectural face. The advanced design of our fan coils incorporates accurate balancing of fans, which result in particularly quiet units. The discharge spigot is reversible allowing top or front discharge. High static motor-fans. Drain pan is extended on both sides consequently no insulation on valve kit and no auxiliary drain pan is requested. Also coil connections can be reversed on job site (just in case).

Horizontal Chassis Concealed Unit (FENH)

For installation where floor space is at a premium and where units are to be hidden above a ceiling: high static fans for air is to be ducted and a damper system can be provided for fresh air. The motor speed controller can be wall mounted. As in the vertical units, drain pan is extended on both sides.

Finned coils Tubes are manufactured from 9,5 mm (3/8”) OD copper and are staggered for greater heat transfer. High efficiency louvered aluminum fins are bonded onto the tubes, which terminate with high quality brass headers. These have gas female connections and incorporate a drain and vent tapping. Available coils for 2-pipe installation 3R and for 4-pipe installations 2R+1 or 3R+1.Automatic air vents are also available. Units are supplied as standard with pipe connections on the right when viewed from the front. Left sides connections are available, but it is also possible to reverse the handling on site by turning the heat exchanger. The maximum working pressure is 24 bar and maximum water flow temperature 120°C.

Drain Trays galvanized sheet steel with an epoxy paint finish in both sides. On horizontal units the drain tray is fully insulated with 5 mm closed cell politeness foam, which has a class ‘1’ European std fire resistance. On vertical units, insulation only covers the area where condensate collects in the tray, which is inclined. Full insulation cover can be applied on request. Alternative insulation types and stainless steel drain trays are also possible.
Fan Decks One or more centrifugal fans are fitted with galvanized scrolls and aluminum impellers, which provide a spark free application. Size 025 and 035 utilize as std a mono bloc group statically and dynamically balanced. Fan decks can be easily removed for maintenance.

Electric Motors PSC/AOM V230/1/50-60Hz permanently coupled capacitor. They have sealed for life sleeve bearings and a cast aluminium enclosure rated to IP40 with built in thermal overload protection. Insulation is to class ‘B’ 6-speeds are available (3-speed wired), of which three are usually wired to a fan speed switch.
Air Filters The synthetic media is cleanable and enclosed in a galvanized frame with wire mesh support. Efficiency is to class EU2-G2-M1. Are also available wash- able filters or aluminum mesh.

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