Fire Dampers


Buildings need protection against the spread of fire. Of course prevention is always best but accidents do and will happen. HVC S100AG Fire Dampers are built to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind that in the event of fire, your building has the best chance.

S100AG Fire Dampers are certified to conform to stringent BS and ISO requirements. Do not take a chance by buying inferior dampers.



Designed for use in low velocity systems, S100AG galvanised steel fire dampers house their blade pack partially within the airstream during normal operation. This eliminates the need for an exterior blade containment area, perfect where creating adequate space to house a regular damper would be troublesome.

Although subjected to 120 hour corrosion tests, the use of galvanised steel equipment is not recommended for long term use in corrosive environments. S100AG Fire Dampers should only be used where air is free from salt, chlorine or other substances which are known to attack galvanised steel.​

  • Endurance Tested to BS476-20 by Warrington F.R.C. for 6 hours with guaranteed closure in both vertical and horizontal planes​
  • Tested to the latest BS1366-2 (ISO10294-1) for the maximum 4 hours at 300 Pascals by the Building Research Establishment
  • Square/Rectangular Spigot
  • All galvanised steel construction
  • Blades partially in airstream

S100AG Fire Dampers, just like the entire S100 range, are fully tested to BS1366-2 (ISO10294-1). During this test which measures a fire dampers ability to withstand flame at 300Pa of pressure, S100 dampers did not fail at any point. After the maximum 4 hours with the damper maintaining full integrity, the test was deemed a success. The dampers also conform to DW144 leakage requirements, so you can be sure that in normal operation, S100AG Fire Dampers will not detriment system performance. All S100 dampers have also passed BS476-20, an endurance test lasting 6 hours at ambient pressure.

Test conditions however, and those experienced in the real world are entirely different, so in addition to fire testing, all HVC fire dampers have successfully undergone reliability and dust loading tests to confirm successful operation will always happen in a fire, even after years of dust build up.

The standard features of HVC S100AG fire dampers are already second to none; extensive testing, stainless steel torsion springs to enable blade closure in both vertical and horizontal planes and a precise construction with fully interlocking blades. In addition to all this value added benefit HVC offer a wide range of options to suit your S100AG Fire Damper: From electromagnets and solenoids for remote activation, to micro switches to indicate damper closure, you can be assured of a damper which meets your needs perfectly.


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