Fire Smoke Dampers


To be truly effective a fire smoke damper must combine an integrity capable of withstanding the worst fires, with an extremely low leakage rate preventing the passage of smoke through ductwork. With the absence of UK fire smoke standards however, manufacturers are able to self define what a fire smoke damper is, hence choosing the best units its important.

NCA fire smoke dampers have been fully tested for leakage at both ambient and elevated temperatures, and consistently outperform typical fire smoke dampers equipped with jamb seals only. As if that was not enough, NCA fire smoke dampers have been cycled 5000 times to ensure closure, and also come with the same 6 hour guarantee of integrity as the whole NCA range of fire protection equipment.

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S600AMH Fire Dampers are factory fitted with either a HEVAC or plasterboard fixing frame. This holds the damper firmly within the fire partition, and in the event of fire, helps to maintain the integrity of the wall around the damper.

These dampers use stainless steel blades, made from grade 430, 316 or 304 stainless. This results in a damper with a much better corrosion resistance than that shown by fully galvanised steel units.​

  • Successfully Fire Endurance Tested to BS476-20 by Warrington F.R.C. for 6 hours
  • Square/Rectangular Spigot
  • Galvanised steel frame and stainless steel blades
  • With installation frame



With S600AMH Fire Smoke Dampers being certified to BS476-20, a test requiring a damper to survive six hours of fire at over 1000°C, and DW144 leakage requirements, you know you are in good hands with HVC equipment.

Fire Smoke Dampers have an extremely robust construction. This series has a double skinned frame rolled from 1.2mm thick galvanised steel, and 1.6mm thick stainless steel blades. Both are rolled by HVC, enabling us to start quality control from the moment we get the raw materials. Other standard components include high quality zinc dichromate plated cranks and axles, oil impregnated bronze bearings and entirely out of airstream linkages, among others.

We recommend the use of Belimo B actuators with S600 Fire Smoke Dampers.​

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