G2B - Gemini Twin Roof Fans



Roof Mounting Centrifugal Twin Fans have been specially developed for high pressure ducted systems, designed around an aerodynamically shaped roof cowl, offering maximum performance, reliability and minimum noise levels. G2B roof cowl assemblies are moulded from glass fibre reinforced polyester, which offers high impact resistance and provides a rigid profile against strong winds and is resistant to UV light, delivered on-site ready assembled for quick and easy installation.

Standard colour BS00A05, alternative B.S colours available on request. Suitable for flat or inclined roofs (max. angle 30°). Designed for kerb or purlin mounting.

Designed and developed to provide one of the most powerful roof mounting twins on the market, available in six sizes, with extract performances ranging from 0.113m³/s up to 2.085m³/s (406m³/h to 7506m³/h), with pressure characteristics of up to 350Pa.


The Centrifugal Roof Twin fans feature two proven external rotor motors and backward curved impellers selected for performance and non-overloading characteristics. The assembly is dynamically balanced to VDI 2060.

The motors in this range are protected to IP44 according to BS EN 60529. Ball bearings are greased for life and are designed to run at any angle. Insulation is Class 'B' (from -30°C to +40°C). Manufacture is controlled to BS EN ISO 9001 standards.


Single phase 220-240V Hz. Capacitor start and run. Three phase 380-415V 50Hz.


Trackmaster Twin Fan Controller (ITC)
The ITC model provides automatic changeover on fan failure as well as enabling a manual selection of either fan for duty sharing or test purposes. (BMS compatible via volt free contacts). This controller must have a permanent live supply. Any On/Off switching must be via the sensor connections S1 and SG terminals.
Stock Ref No: 10314200


Trackmaster Twin Fan Controller (ITC-DS)
The ITC-DS model (Duty sharing). Incorporates a timing mechanism which operates alternate fans on 12 or 24 hour intervals, thus ensuring the extended life of the fan bearings. The controller also provides automatic changeover on fan failure along with the facility for manual selection of either fan. (BMS compatible via volt free contacts). This controller must have a permanent live supply. Any On/Off switching must be via the sensor connections S1 and SG terminals
Stock Ref No: 10314210
RSC - Remote Setback Control
The RSC multi-speed control system offers 2 speed fan versatility eg. Energy Management for night-time setback. Can be used in conjunction with Vent-Axia ITC, ITC-DS controllers using 5 step auto-transformer speed controllers for speed selection. Uses 24V output from ITC controller. Dimensions:86mm x 178mm x 100mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Stock Ref No: 10314230A
Remote Visual Indicator (RVC)
Wired in conjunction with either an ITC or ITC-DS controller the RVC can be located up to 100m away using low cost ELV wiring. The compact, single gang RVC ELV (Extra Low Voltage) remote visual controller indicates status of Fan 1 and Fan 2 with status/warning lights. Push button allows Fan 1 and Fan 2 with standby (Off) to be selected.
Stock Ref No: 10314220


Unit A B C D E Inside Curb Outside Curb
200 800 470 280 700 370 325 × 650 425 × 750
300 975 550 350 875 450 400 × 825 500 × 925
350/400 1210 675 440 1000 500 400 × 900 600 × 1100
450/500 1430 830 540 1200 600 500 × 1100 700 × 1300


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