GDB - Galaxy Twin Inline Belt Driven Fans



The GDB Galaxy In-line Belt Driven, Twin fan range represents the latest development from Vent-Axia in high performance, run and standby twin fan. Designed to be controlled inconjunction with Vent-Axia Trakmaster twin fan controller range, the total package offers the end user flexibility when interfaced with or without a (BMS) Building Management Systems, such as manual selection, 12/24hr auto changeover ensuring the extended life of the fan and motor, night setback during low levels of occupancy, for energy management control during 24hr extraction.

The unit casing is manufactured from Heavy Gauge Galvanised Steel fitted with inlet and outlet discharge spigots. Individual gravity return shutters are fitted as standard to prevent air recirculation through the standby or the system during shut down periods. Galaxy Duct Mounting Belt Driven Twin Fans are suitable for horizontal mounting only. Assembly controlled to BS EN ISO 9001.

To meet COSHH requirements, double pole service isolator switches are available. With access to the fan section via an easily removable access panel from the top of the unit, for cleaning and maintenance during shut down periods.

The Galaxy range is available in four models with extract performance ranging from 0.02m³/s up to 2.5m³/s (720m³/h to 9000m³/h), with pressure characteristics of up 400Pa.

Fan / Motor Assembly

Galaxy GDB belt driven fans are double inlet double width, forward curved centrifugal fans belt driven by totally enclosed fan ventilated, wound to suit 220-240V/1/50HZ or 380-415V/1/50Hz electrical supply. Protected to IP54, against dust and water jets complying with BS EN 60529.

Motor insulation Class F as a minimum, suitable for operating temperatures up to +40°C. Both the fans and motors are mounted on a steel frame, with anti-vibration mounts between the frame and casing and a flexible connection between the fan scroll and fan plate, minimising vibration. All belt driven Galaxy units are supplied with metric pulleys to ISO 4183 and wedge belts to ISO 4184 and DIN 7753.


All Motors are available in either single phase 220-240V 50 Hz capacitor start and run or three phase 380V-415V 50Hz.


Trackmaster Twin Fan Controller (ITC)
The ITC model provides automatic changeover on fan failure as well as enabling a manual selection of either fan for duty sharing or test purposes. (BMS compatible via volt free contacts). This controller must have a permanent live supply. Any On/Off switching must be via the sensor connections S1 and SG terminals.
Stock Ref No: 10314200


Trackmaster Twin Fan Controller (ITC-DS)
The ITC-DS model (Duty sharing). Incorporates a timing mechanism which operates alternate fans on 12 or 24 hour intervals, thus ensuring the extended life of the fan bearings. The controller also provides automatic changeover on fan failure along with the facility for manual selection of either fan. (BMS compatible via volt free contacts). This controller must have a permanent live supply. Any On/Off switching must be via the sensor connections S1 and SG terminals
Stock Ref No: 10314210
RSC - Remote Setback Control
The RSC multi-speed control system offers 2 speed fan versatility eg. Energy Management for night-time setback. Can be used in conjunction with Vent-Axia ITC, ITC-DS controllers using 5 step auto-transformer speed controllers for speed selection. Uses 24V output from ITC controller. Dimensions:86mm x 178mm x 100mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Stock Ref No: 10314230A
Remote Visual Indicator (RVC)
Wired in conjunction with either an ITC or ITC-DS controller the RVC can be located up to 100m away using low cost ELV wiring. The compact, single gang RVC ELV (Extra Low Voltage) remote visual controller indicates status of Fan 1 and Fan 2 with status/warning lights. Push button allows Fan 1 and Fan 2 with standby (Off) to be selected.
Stock Ref No: 10314220


Unit A B C D E F G Weight kg
GDB1 480 850 1000 650 250 110 790 125
GDB2 540 1100 1175 762 305 116 790 175
GDB3 675 1250 1450 900 400 135 1090 210
GDB4 765 1500 1450 1000 457 153 1090 270


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