The HR400 is a wholehouse ventilation system comprising a fan assisted heat recovery unit.The HR400 is usually installed as a single unit, but multiple systems can be used for zoning or increased capacity. The unit offers an optional pollen filter for the fresh air supply, this option benefits asthma and hay fever sufferers.

Selectable performance levels: Up to 86 l/s, based on typical ducted systems. The HR400 can be used installed in many types of building - houses, flats, bungalow’s, offices and nursing homes,etc.



All components for wholehouse systems are fully compatible, resulting in a wide range of options for the system specification. All units are supplied with a comprehensive installation guide, providing step by step instructions for successful installation. In addition, a full backup service is available if required, with experienced engineers available to answer any queries you may have concerning your installation.



HR400 to be used with a VCON77 Transformer for maximum controllabilty

Motor Speed 1 2 3 4 5 6
Volume l/s (FID) 39 50 61 68 75 86



Weight: 19kg

Power Consumption
Speed 1 80V N/A
Speed 2 100V 71W
Speed 3 120V 87W
Speed 4 140V 101W
Speed 5 160V 115W
Speed 6 240V 179W


Typical Specifications

Supply and install a HR400 Wholehouse heat recovery unit as manufactured by:

Vent-Axia Clean Air Systems
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9YX

Performance: m³/h l/s
Max ventilation rate 310.0 86.11
N° speed settings 6

Efficiency: The unit should retain up to 70% of the temperature differential of out going air.

Heat exchanger: should be of a multi plate cross-flow type constructed out of a polymeric plastic with ultra sonic welded joints.

Motor: should be a 240V 50Hz A/C with sleeve bearings, greased for life. It shall operate up to an ambient temperature of 40°C and be fitted with a manual reset thermal overload protective device.

Fan: The fan impeller should be of a forward curved centrifugal type, dynamically balanced.

Controls: The unit should be powered via a remote multi-step transformer that provides a switch gate between a selected slow speed and boost condition. The switch can be a manual or sensor type or a combination of both.

Ducting spigots: The unit should provide 100mm Ø x 100mm tapered spigots for all duct connections with the exception of the fresh air inlet that should have an stepped 100mm ø x150mm spigot. The unit cannot be handed. (Can be converted to flat ducting).

Filter: Not fitted as standard. Pollen filters are available. Synthetic material tested to EU3 with 85% arrestance. (Eurovent 4/5 test BS6540).

Stock Ref No: 37 04 97

Condensation: The outlet provided should be 22mm Ø located on the left hand side of the unit.

Construction: The unit outer case and fan volutes should be moulded from black MDPE.

Mounting: Horizontal or Vertical

Sound Levels: dB(A) @ 3m
Minimum 26
Maximum 56

Mains electrical supply: 230VAC 50Hz.

Complies to the following approvals/directives: CE.


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