HR500 IP



The HR500IP unit is a semi-remote heat exchange unit with 70% heat recovery, designed for mounting in internal walls for installations using ducted extraction and fresh air supply. The HR500IP unit provides air movement via two independent in-line duct fans to suit length and configuration of ducting systems. The unit is ideal for use with with in-line centrifugal type fans and compatible accessories.

Performance of HR500IP: Up to 244 l/s FID capacity (balanced airflow). Ideal for schools, offices, pubs and clubs, etc.

Fan Options



The unit should be set in an inner wall with the grille flange set flush with the inner surface (a steel lintel is provided for additional support of building fabric if required). Automatically produce a 3° slope of the unit away from the inner grille for drainage of any condensate which may form during operation. A 22mm drain is situated between inlet and exhaust spigots and should be connected to a suitable drain/soak away.









Fitting Hole Size: 610mm × 381mm
Weight: 19kg


Typical Specifications



Supply and install a HR500IP passive semi remote ducted heat recovery unit for installation on an internal wall as manufactured by:


Vent-Axia Clean Air Systems
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9YX 

Performance: m³/h l/s
Max ventilation rate 880 244

Efficiency: The unit should retain up to 70% of the temperature differential of out going air.

Heat exchanger: Should be of a multi plate cross-flow type constructed out of a polymeric plastic with ultra sonic welded joints.

Fan: As a passive device the unit shall require 2No additional remote in-line fans.These should typically be Vent- Axia in-line centrifugal type fan.

Ducting spigots: The unit should provide 315, 250 and 200mm Ø spigots for both duct connections.The unit cannot be handed.

Filter: Should be a washable reticulated foam type coarse filter.

Condensation: The outlet provided should be 22mm Ø located on the lower side of the unit.

Construction: The unit outer case should be a rigid HIPs moulding configured so as to make the unit telescopic. The internal/external grille should be a cream coloured ABS moulding.

Sound Levels: As per specified in-line fan unit

Mains electrical supply: As per specified in-line fan unit

Power Consumption: As per specified in-line fan unit


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