HR500 and HR500 X



Heat recovery ventilation unit for through the wall installation which exhausts stale air whilst introducing warmed fresh air from the outside. As a heat recovery ventilation unit it moves a useful 153 l/s of air. This unit is fully speed controllable with the facility to reverse the supply air fan and provide 'double extraction' for periods when heat loss is desirable.

The unit is the perfect solution to commercial areas that require a high performance balanced intake/extract scheme. Ideal for swimming pools, computer rooms, classrooms, offices and the health and leisure industries. In noise sensitive areas use an auto transformer controller.



HR500 Typical Installation

The unit should be ducted to atmosphere using an integral wall liner and should fit wall thicknesses between 450 and 670mm and should have washable reticulated foam filters provided in the supply and extract airflows.


Sound Power Level Spectra dB (re10-¹²Watts)

 Frequency (Hz) 63 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
 Heat Recovery Mode 67 76 75 74 67 60 51 38
 Extract Only Mode

(Both fans)
66 76 76 74 67 60 51 37


Power Consumption

 Supply fan    60W  
 Extract fan    150W


HR500 Controller (Surface Mounted)

With knockouts for recessed wiring or surface wiring. An optional flush fitting box is available. Requires 5-core cable.

  • One controller will operate a maximum of 2 HR500 or HR500X units.

  • On/Off/Sensor mode.

  • Choice of heat exchange or high/low speed extract fan mode.

  • Infinitely variable speed control from low to high.

  • Adjustable minimum speed.

  • With integral thermal cut-out and circuit fuse protection.






HR 500: 16kg
HR 500X: 19kg


Typical Specifications

Supply and install a HR500/HR500X through the wall heat recovery unit as manufactured by:

Vent-Axia Clean Air Systems
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9YX

Performance: m3/hr l/s
Max ventilation rate 550 153
Speed 1 (supply) 320 88
Speed 1 (extract) 350 97
Speed 1 (extract only) 600 166
Speed 2 (supply) 410 113
Speed 2 (extract) 450 125
Speed 2 (extract only) 750 208
Boost Supply Rate 500 139
Boost Extract Rate 550 153
Boost Extract (extract only) 900 250
N° speed settings 3
+ extract only 1

Efficiency: The unit should retain up to 70% of the temperature differential of out going air.

Heat exchanger: Should be of a multi plate cross-flow type constructed out of a polymeric plastic with ultra sonic welded joints.

Motor: Should be a 240V 50Hz A/C with sleeve bearings, greased for life. It shall operate up to an ambient temperature of 40°C and be fitted with a manual reset thermal overload protective device.The supply motor shall be configured to be reversible thus providing an extract only option.

Fan: The 2-N° polymeric fan impellers should be of a mixed flow type, dynamically balanced mounted on a fixed stator housing.

Controls: The unit should be operated via a dedicated remote infinite variable speed and reverse switch with sensor option to allow for humidistat or PIR input.

Back Draught Shutter: The unit should have the option back draught shutter operated via a thermal actuator set to close when unit is powered down.

Filter: Should be a washable reticulated foam type coarse filter.

Construction: The unit outer case should be a rigid HIPs moulding configured so as to make the unit telescopic. The internal/external grille should be a cream coloured ABS moulding.

Sound Levels: dB(A) @ 3m
Maximum (heat recovery): 53
Maximum (extract only): 53

Mains electrical supply: 230VAC 50Hz.


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