KAF - Kitchen Axial Fans



The ever tightening requirement for Kitchen Ventilation systems with higher filtration levels and long duct runs requires a powerful and yet compact Fan to provide a cost effective controllable ventilation solution suitable for operating reliably in these atmospherically aggressive installations.

A first within the H&V industry Vent-Axia’s New Kitchen Axial Fan range provides such a solution offering robustly engineered fans and motors designed and tested for operation at elevated temperatures (up to 70˚C induct) whilst utilising speed control. By utilising Vent-Axia’s advanced eDemand Inverter controls provides accurate and reliable control functionality whilst offering substantial running cost reductions and noise control.

Available in four sizes: 450, 500, 560 and 630mm diameter with a performance envelope from 0.65m3/s to 5.93m3/s and pressure development of up to 600 Pa. Ensuring a compact design, the units have been constructed from a single sheet of steel, with a single 2 pole motor and axial impeller mounted within the length of the unit casing. The unit is manufactured from electro welded steel with an epoxy paint finish. Factory assembled to BS EN ISO 9001 ensuring a quiet and vibration free unit.

All sizes are protected with a tough black epoxy paint finish for those harsh environmental conditions, internally or externally. Ensuring ease of installation the motor is wired directly into a single IP65 terminal box.

Axial Impellers

The impeller is manufactured in die-cast aluminium and fitted with narrow profiled blades, which provide the maximum efficiency at the maximum airflow. Airflow is Form A to ensure maximum cooling airflow over the motor.


Specifically designed and this range of fans and the expected environmental conditions. Greased for life ball bearings with temperature resilient grease specially selected to operate at the elevated temperatures likely to be encountered in Kitchen Applications whilst allowing the fans to be installed at any angle. Rotors are dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 grade G6.3. Motors are protected to IP65 against dust and water jets complying with BS EN 60529. They have ribbed aluminium body castings and are mounted towards the airstream for efficient cooling. Motor insulation is Class ‘H’ (from -40°C to +70°C). All models are speed controllable by either voltage control or frequency inverter (see electrical section for details).


Single phase 220-240V/50 Hz. Capacitor start and run. Three phase 380V-415V/50Hz. All motors are fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P), which should be wired into all controller circuits and into starter contactors.

Terminal Box

IP65 terminal box is supplied with all models with
20mm PGII entry.


The fan performance is tested and certified in accordance with BS 848 Part 1 1980.

Sound Levels

Fan sound levels, measured in a reverberant chamber in accordance with BS848 part 2 published dB(A) figures are free field sound pressure levels at 3m with spherical propagation at reference level of 2 x10–5Pa (20 micro-pascal). The sound power level spectra figures are dB with a reference level of 10–12 Watts (1 pico-watt). To ensure minimum noise levels during speed control, an auto transformer speed control is recommended.


  • eDemand Inverter speed Controllers
  • Auto Transformer Speed Controllers
  • Mounting ancillary Packs
  • Cased Attenuators
  • Mounting Feet
  • Wire Inlet Guard
  • Coupling Flanges


Standard 2 year warranty, extendable to 5 years by registration subject to installation and maintenance in accordance with fitting and operating instructions supplied with product

Model Range

Kitchen Axial Fan 560mm dia, Single phase
Stock Ref No: KAF56012





Size Øa b Øc Ød Øe n kg approx
KAF450 450 375 500 530 12 8 41
KAF500 500 375 560 590 12 12 46
KAF560 560 520 620 650 12 12 59
KAF630 630 520 690 720 12 12 64


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