LCA - Long Cased Axial Fans



The Long Case Axial range of fans incorporates manually adjustable pitch impellers which provide a comprehensive range of duties offering high performance and pressure characteristics.

Available in thirteen sizes ranging from 250 to 1250mm diameter and performances from 0.24m3/s to 36m3/s with pressure development up to 1500Pa. The casing is constructed from rolled steel plate complete with flanges and protected with a tough, galvanised finish.

The Long Case Axial range has a range of accessories available which include: Axial Ancillary Pack, Attenuators, Mounting Feet, Wire Inlet Guard, Coupling Flange & Speed Controllers.

Motor / Impellers

The motors are specially selected for optimum performance and efficiency. Ball bearings are greased for life and allow the fan to be installed at any angle. Suitable for continuous operation in relative humidity up to 95%. Motors are protected to IP55 against dust and water jets complying with BS EN 60529. They have ribbed aluminium body castings for efficient cooling. Motor insulation is Class 'F' (from -35°C to +54°C). Star/delta starting is recommended for motor output above 7.5kW.

Impeller blades are clamped in a split cast aluminium hub, with a keywayed mild steel insert enabling positive locking of the impeller assembly to the motor shaft, this also allows manual adjustment of the pitch angle giving a wide selection of performance details.

Terminal Box
To IP55, protected against dust and water jets from any angle, allowing outside applications.


Single phase 220-240V 50 Hz permanent capacitor. Three phase 380-415V 50Hz. Protection of the motor must be provided by an overload current sensing device (eg. D.O.L Starter or Star/Delta starter where appropriate) or the guarantee will be invalidated. All models are available with 4 pole motors for 250 up to 1250mm diameter with additional 2 pole motors available from 250 up to 630mm diameter.

All units are manufactured to order with 7 working days delivery (uk mainland)

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