Lo-Carbon Centra SELV



With sound levels as low as 10dB(A) and tasteful styling, Centra offers the most discreet fan available.

Dual speed continuous running fan for kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and toilet, with trickle speed selection at installation. Switch live to boost

The LoCarbon Centra complies with The Building Regulations Part F, System 3, or can be used as an ideal replacement for existing residential applications.

The range has now been extended to include the new SELV versions.

Features and Benefits

Part F compliant, System 3 Continuous mechanical extract

  • SAP Appendix Q eligible - Low SFP on SAP

  • Quietest dMEV available

  • Discreet, tasteful styling

  • Single fan for use in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms - IPX7, ceiling, panel or wall mounting

  • Normal and Boost speeds

  • LoWatt motor offering 90% energy savings and long life


Product Specification

The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Centra 100mm fan is a continuously running extract fan for kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and toilets.

The integral digital air velocity sensor will monitor the airflow and maintain the preset extract flow rate of either 6l/s, 9l/s or 15l/s, minimising energy use and noise.

 The Vent-Axia Centra has adjustable ‘Normal’ running speeds making it suitable for continuous extract in kitchens, bathrooms, en-suites and utility areas. This means the developer requires only one fan type for any dwelling.

The 100mm spigot is common with traditional intermittent extract fans, simplifying the specification process.

Safety first – IPX7 rated for installation in bathrooms. Flow rates are safe with open flued appliances.

Switched Live input allows the fan to be boosted by a range of Vent-Axia switches and sensors, or a single light switch.

One fan for all residential applications means a simplified stock profile and repeatable common installations. 6l/s or 9 l/s for normal speed and 15 l/s on boost.

Selection of the two normal flow rates is via a simple ‘jumper’ on the control board.

Can be installed with Vent-Axia range of 110 x 54 flat ducting,100mm circular or flexible duct and accessories for internal room applications.

The attractive and discreet styling of the Vent-Axia Centra will complement the décor of any new home.

Virtually silent operation ensures optimum ventilation is achieved without intrusive noise.

With LoWatt motors energy bills will be reduced - less than 0.5 pence running cost a day.

Long life motors – 5 years warranty means fewer replacements.

Low energy use – LoWatt motors and computer designed impellers means up to 80% savings over traditional motors.

One size fits all – no components to dispose of at installation stage – again reducing wastage.

Plastic components are 100% recyclable.



Extract Performance 
Power Consumption 
dB(A) @ 3m
Boost Trickle
Boost Trickle
6 9 15 1.4 1.6 2.4 10.8 15.5 25.2



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