Lo-Carbon Silhouette 125



The Lo-Carbon Silhouette range is designed for modern living. With a slim profile, Lo-Carbon Silhouette blends in with the wall surface to provide an unobtrusive installation. Lo-Carbon Silhouette has a performance of 45l/s, and is double insulated, with a power consumption only 7 watts. Careful design means a ‘white sound’ spectrum understates the 37 dB(A) sound levels providing optimised sound to performance output.

Model Range

Lo-Carbon Silhouette 125B
125mm bathroom/toilet fan with indicator light and back draft shutter.
Stock Ref No: 446483
Product Specification

Type m³h l/s Watts dB(A) @ 3m
Lo-Carbon Silhouette 125B 160 45 7 37
Lo-Carbon Silhouette 125T 160 45 7 37
Lo-Carbon Silhouette 125HT 160 45 7 37



Silhouette A C D
125mm 187 125 131 149


Typical Specifications

Supply and install a Silhouette axial fan for installations in walls, panels or ceilings, with backdraught shutters and guide vanes as supplied by:

Vent-Axia Ltd
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9YX
Telephone: 01293 526062.

The fan performance should meet the Building Regulations (Document F) Requirements of 15 l/s for bathrooms or toilets (30 minute timer overrun model for internal WC’s). The profile should be no more than 12mm thick.

The motor should be a ball bearing motor for installation at any angle and fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.)