Lo-Carbon VA150



Vent-Axia LoCarbon fans feature LoCarbon long life DC energy saving motors that last 5 times longer than conventional motors, whilst delivering up to 80% energy savings. The extended life of Lo Carbon fans is due to the use of a new generation of high quality electronically controlled ball-bearing motors especially developed for this range. The motors are perfectly designed for the wet conditions of utility rooms and kitchens, extracting stale, moisture-laden air quietly and efficiently.

Vent-Axia Lo Carbon fans have instant shutters using patented Integral Magnetronic Control (IMC) technology ensuring that the fan is only open to the outside world when it is working - with no extra power used to operate the shutter. This means that the only air to escape is the air extracted. When the fan stops the shutter closes firmly, until the fan operates again.

The range is suitable for installation in panels, walls or windows using the kits available. Lo Carbon fans are quick and simple to fit using reversible grommets and easy-wire terminals, and are suitable for wall or ceiling mounting at any angle.

150mm telescopic wall kits are available with a white or brown outside grille. The kit is supplied with a telescopic wall sleeve to fit walls 225–360mm thick.

Window fitting kits are available for use with all Lo Carbon 150mm models through single or double glazed windows up to 40mm thick. The range meets the requirements of the current Building Regulations Document F for the ventilation of utility rooms 30l/s and for kitchens 60l/s.


Model Range

Lo-Carbon VA150P (Shutter/Pullcord)
Ultra long life DC energy saving motor. Patented instant electric opening shutter. Controlledwith integral power supply with pullcord On/Off switch.
Stock Ref No: 459123
Lo-Carbon VA150T (Shutter/Timer)
Ultra long life DC energy saving motor. Patented instant electric opening shutter. Controlled with integral power supply with electronic adjustable overrun timer (5-25 minutes).
Stock Ref No: 459124
Lo-Carbon VA150HP (Shutter/Humidistat)
Ultra long life DC energy saving motor. Patented instant electric opening shutter. Controlled with integral power supply with pullcord override switch and adjustable humidity sensor (60-95% RH).
Stock Ref No: 459125


150mm Wall Kit (Brown)
A range of 100mm and 150mm wall kits for use when installing into walls using the telescopic liners supplied.
Stock Ref No: 140903A
150mm Window Kit (White)
For use in single or sealed double glazing and most materials up to 40mm thick.
Stock Ref No: 140901

Product Specification

For even more energy efficiency the Vent-Axia Lo Carbon range is available with Integral Timer or integral Humidity Sensor. Remote PIR sensors are available which operate the fan only when required.


Easy wire terminals, for simple installation, offers the choice of either kitchen or utility room performance.

NOTE: The Transformer is an integral part of the fan which MUST NOT be installed as a SELV product.



Output is for all the extract airflow, dependant on setting.

14 09 02A (White)
14 09 03A (Brown)

14 09 01A (White)

Model Stock Ref Description Watts m³/h l/s dB(A) @ 3m
Lo Carbon U/KP 45 91 23 axial/pullcord 7.5 160 46 33
Lo CarbonU/KT 45 91 24 axial/timer 7.5 160 46 33
Lo Carbon U/KH 45 91 25 axial/humidstat 7.5 160 46 33
Lo Carbon U/KP 45 91 23 axial/pullcord 11.5 230 64 36
LoWatt U/KT 45 91 24 axial/timer 11.5 230 64 36
Lo CarbonU/KH 45 91 25 axial/humidstat 11.5 230 64 36




Kitchen/Utility 216 224 80 146 60 55 104 152
Weight 1.2kg


Lo Carbon Kitchen/Utility



Panel fixing hole Ø 152mm <br />Wall fixing hole Ø 152mm <br />Window fixing hole Ø 152mm
Panel fixing hole Ø 152mm 
Wall fixing hole Ø 152mm 
Window fixing hole Ø 152mm


Typical Specifications

LoWatt U/KP, U/KT, U/KH
Supply and install a LoWatt fan with integral magnetronic shutter (IMC) and removable grille as manufactured by

Vent-Axia Ltd
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9YX
Telephone: 0844 856 0590

The fan case and grille shall be made from ABS plastic and have an axial impeller.

The fan should be double insulated to meet IEE regulations and meet the Building Regulation (Document F) requirements of 30 litres a second for utilities and 60 litres a second for kitchens.

The electronically controlled motor is fitted with long life ball bearings to provide an expected 50,000 hour running life and a Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.). The motor should be insulated to Class III (-25°C to +40°C) and is to conform to BS EN 60335-2-80.

Operation via pullcord, external switch with overrun timer or humidity control/pullcord.

The fan is to be wall mounted using a wall kit 14 09 02A (white) or 14 09 03A (Brown), or window mounted using a window kit 14 09 01A(white).



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