LuminAir Fan and Light



The revolutionary Vent-Axia LuminAir Safety Extra Low Voltage fan and light in a single ceiling mounted fitting.

The IPX7 unit is installed directly over a shower in complete safety. Vent-Axia LuminAir extracts moisture and humidity at source, preventing damaging condensation from spreading. At the same time it bathes the shower enclosure in a rich soft light - bringing any dark shower to life. Ideal for all types of bathroom and shower applications, and is particularly suitable for bedsit and en-suite shower installations.

Designed for mounting in a wide variety of ceiling thicknesses. The safety isolating transformer to BS EN 60742 is mounted in a purpose made enclosure that can be wall mounted or sited in the loft, and is designed to accept mini trunking (LuminAir L transformer - IP20 - loft mounted).

LuminAir has a 20 Watt 40° spread, pre-formed Dichroic Multi-Mirror™ lamp, to give a pool of soft warm light. The lamp has a long life and is simple to change.


Sectional view of LuminAir

European Patented No. EP0730716
Australian Patent No. 677461
South African Patent No. 94/8865

LuminAir Vent Light
Illuminated air inlet for powered ducted systems.


For upgrading existing extract systems or to provide multiple extract points to a central fan. The Vent Light consists of a LuminAir Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) light with white ceiling bezel and 90° bend. The bend is especially suitable for connection to extract ductwork runs between joists. On/Off operation is via the bathroom light switch. Gold and silver bezels are available as accessories.

Supply to the LuminAir transformer 220-240V/1/50Hz.
Output to LuminAir 12V SELV/1/50Hz. Safety isolating transformers conform to BS EN 60742.

Stylish Chrome or Gold Bezels are also available.

Model Range

LuminAir L - Fan & light (White)
Provides simultaneous fan and light operation from the bathroom light switch.
Stock Ref No: 188110
LuminAir T (Timer) - Fan & light (White)
Switches the fan On with the light. When the light is switched Off, the fan continues to run for an adjustable set period to meet the building regulationsfor internal bathrooms.
Stock Ref No: 188210
LuminAir H (Humidity) - Fan & light (White)
Combines a light activated by the bathroom light switch and an Ecotronic Humidity Sensor which will switch the fan ‘On’ whenever the humidity level warrants.
Stock Ref No: 188610


Soffit termination set
Used as a decorative inlet grille or soffit termination set in conjunction with 100mm or 125mm diameter ducting. Two fixing screws supplied to secure grille to the spigot through material up to 25mm thick.Features & Benefits:
  • Colour: White
  • Dimension: 155mm x155mm.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
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Stock Ref No: 563513
Condensation trap for 100mm rigid duct
100mm Condensation trap, for fitting in vertical rigid PVCu pipe ducting. Must be used where pipe ducts pass through unheated roof voids. Fitted with 20mm pipe connection for running off condensate. Not suitable for use with flexible ducting.
Stock Ref No: 563516

Product Specification

Type LuminAir Stock Ref. No. White Amps @ 240V Free Air Extract performance m³/h l/s
LuminAir L 18 81 10 0.2 110 31
LuminAir T 18 82 10 0.2 110 31
LuminAir H 18 86 10 0.2 110 31

Type LuminAir Stock Ref. No. White Max Watts dB(A) @ 3m Bezel Accessory Colour Stock Ref. No. Chrome Stock Ref. No. Gold
LuminAir L 18 81 10 40 35 45 20 44 45 20 45
LuminAir T 18 82 10 42 35 45 20 44 45 20 45
LuminAir H 18 86 10 44 35 45 20 44 45 20 45







Manufacturers of some fluorescent/low energy lighting systems indicate that these can interfere with other electronic/timing circuits. For reliable operation of these circuits we recommend therefore that a tungsten filament light is used.

LuminAir 150 140 98 103 150 101 180
Transformer (T&H) 175 90 55 30
Transformer (L) 83 76 70 61
Humidity Sensor 87 33


Fixing hole diameter 110mm
Fan & Light            Vent Light
Fan & Light            Vent Light




LuminAir Transformer (L)


Humidity Sensor (H)


Typical Specifications

Supply and install a Luminair Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) in line fan and light combination as manufactured by Vent-Axia Ltd, Fleming Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9YX, Telephone 01293 526062. When installed the fan complies with the 16th edition of IEE Regulations (BS7671), 2001) and an on site guide for Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) operation. The transformer should be safety insulating to BS EN 60742. The fan should be rated to IPX7. The fan and transformer should be BEAB approved.

The fan performance should meet the Building Regulation (Document F) requirements.

The motor should be manufactured with self aligning sleeve bearings and fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection, (S.T.O.P.) the motor should be insulated to Class B and designed to operate on SELV 12V/1/50Hz.

Luminair L via light switch
Luminair T via light switch timer overrun facility
Luminair H with adjustable humidity sensor

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