RMV - Vertical Discharge Mixed Flow Roof Fans



The vertical discharge backward curved mixed flow roof fan - the RMV range - is specifically designed for high velocity vertical discharge applications.

The motor is located out of the main airstream in a separately ventilated enclosure to handle continuous in duct air temperatures up to + 100°C when in operation. A duct temperature sensor must be used to automatically operate the fan unit to protect the motor from excessive heat whilst idle.

To meet COSHH requirements, a service isolator switch is fitted and prewired as standard.

Ideal for many commercial or industrial applications such as kitchen extract systems, the RMV range discharges vertically at high velocity to give fast dilution. Available in six models with extract performance ranging from 0.344m3/s up to 5.62m3/s (1240m3/h to 20240m3/h). With pressure characteristics of up to 1000Pa this range is particularly suitable for ducted applications.

Suitable for horizontal kerb mounting only (maximum angle of 3° from horizontal).

For pitched roof applications a special upstand will be needed to compensate for the angular difference - not supplied.

Anti-vibration mount and conduit entry
IP65 service isolator


The motor is mounted on a corrosion resistant stainless steel support in a ventilated enclosure out of the airstream and drives a highly efficient aluminium, mixed flow impeller which offers non-overloading characteristics.

The motors are rated at IP54 to BS EN 60529, the bearings are greased for life. Insulation is Class 'B'. The motor is pre-wired to aservice isolator protected to IP65 with 20mm entry fitted as standard and providing local isolation conforming to the latest COSHH regulations.

Protection of the motor is provided by a current overload protection switch (DOL Starter) which is required on all installations. Sizes 500 and 560, 3ph 4 pole must be wired STAR/DELTA or the guarantee will be invalidated.


Single phase 220-240V 50 Hz. Capacitor start and run. Three phase 380-415V 50 Hz. Models are available with 4 and 6 pole motors.


Fan Size a b c d e Øf Øg Weight Kg
RMV200 300 400 330 400 40 404 500 11.0
RMV280 400 525 450 487 40 571 700 18.5
RMV355 400 600 560 563 50 622 770 23.0
RMV450 500 660 620 642 50 718 900 27.0
RMV500 650 850 800 709 50 890 1060 51.0
RMV560 650 850 800 801 50 988 1200 79.0



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