Series CRE Fan Coil Unit.


The Series CRE manufactured by Dunham-Bush  is a high performance, low noise and high air volume fan coil unit. It is the ideal solution for cost effective treatment of commercial and industrial buildings without compromise on the high standards of engineering quality that are synonymous with Dunham-Bush. They are concealed units for installation into ceiling voids and comprise a galvanised steel inlet plenum with inlet filter, fan/motor section, cooling coil, discharge spigots and optional electric heating. Series CRE is available in a range of 10 sizes.


Fan coil units are available with left hand or right hand connections to the coil (handings are when facing against the direction of airflow). The control box electrical connections and condensate tray connections will always be on the same side as the coil connections.

The Series CRE fans comprise double width, double inlet forward curved centrifugal impellers which are shaft driven. Impellers are dynamically balanced to provide low noise, vibration free operation. Fan impellers are driven by AC or EC motors, with built-in thermal overload protection. Motors are configured with three speeds (low, medium and high) and incorporate permanently lubricated, maintenance free bearings. Motors are connected to an external terminal block for supply connection and speed selection. Motors are rated for 220V, 230V and 240V mains supply voltage, with 50 and 60Hz options.

Series CRE is available with a 3 or 4 row cooling coil, comprising 3/8”OD copper tube in staggered rows which are mechanically expanded into die-formed corrugated aluminium fins, with brass 3/4” BSP parallel female connections The coil section incorporates a steel condensate tray which is powder coated with a gloss finish, and externally lined with PE insulation.

Each Series CRE fan coil unit is supplied with IOM instructions as well as a project-specific wiring diagram and is labeled with a unique serial number on the bottom access panel; a unique stencil reference can also be applied for co-coordinating installation of units on-site. 


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