Solo Plus



The Solo Plus range from Vent-Axia has been specially designed for through the wall and ducted applications, suitable for internal bathrooms, WC’s and other small rooms.

Finished in white, the Solo Plus can be flush or surface mounted, with a 2-position 100mm circular spigot for rear entry or connecting to a vertical ducting system. The powerful centrifugal forward curved impeller allows installations using 100mm ducting in straight runs up to 50m, whilst still achieving 15l/s as required by Document F of the current building regulations.

The new Solo Plus has a choice of two boost/override motor speeds, medium (17l/s) or high (25l/s), with an optional third speed for constant trickle ventilation (10l/s), selectable at installation. Depending on the model, the fan will switch from trickle (if selected) to boost (medium or high) via the pullcord/light switch/humidity sensor/PIR.

Four models are available offering features such as, Pullcord, Timer, Humidistat/Timer or PIR versions. All models can be wall; panel or ceiling mounted and can be connected to either circular, rectangular or Vent-Axia’s System 25 flat ducting, which has been specially designed for concealed applications that can benefit from its ultra slim 25mm depth.

Cable entry is achieved through a rear entry grommet on the top right hand side of the unit. Enclosure of the electrical components is manufactured from flame retardant grade material.
Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.

Incorporated into the Solo Plus is a highly efficient ball bearing capacitor run motor. Capacitor run motors offers the benefit of being over 50% more efficient than conventional shaded pole motors within its class. The fully enclosed motor is fixed onto a 3 position anti-vibration mount which offers higher reliability and lower noise.

Model Range

SOLO PLUS P (Pullcord)
Flush or surface mountable. Single Speed with one of 3 speeds selectable at installation.
Stock Ref No: 427477A
Flush or surface mountable. Constant trickle option. 2 Speed. Adjustable timer overrun.Delay on timer.
Stock Ref No: 427478A
Flush or surface mountable. Control by integral PIR detector. Constant trickle option. 2 Speed. Constant trickle option.
Stock Ref No: 427480A
SOLO PLUS HT (Humidistat/Timer)
Flush or surface mountable. Constant trickle option. 2 Speed. Adjustable timer overrun.Delay on timer. Adjustable Humidity Sensor
Stock Ref No: 427479A

Product Specification

Type: Solo Plus P Solo Plus T Solo Plus HT Solo Plus TM
Stock Ref No: 42 74 77 42 74 78 42 74 79 42 74 80
High: 90 90 90 90
Extract Perf. (m³/h) Med: 62 62 62 62
Low: 36 36 36 36
High: 29 29 29 29
Watts Med: 21.1 21.1 21.1 21.1
Low: 20.3 20.3 20.3 20.3
Sound dB(A) @ 3m High: 40.8 40.8 40.8 40.8
Trickle: 25.8 25.8 25.8 25.8



Flush fitted model
Surface mounted model
Washable removable filter



Can be installed either as recess or surface mounted as standard. No other accessories are required.

261 221 107 54.5 98 64 61 253 208 37 98 70



Typical Specifications

The fan should be suitable for flush or surface mounting, for wall, panel and ducted applications. The fan should have a 100mm spigot with integral backdraught shutter capable of changing its orientation to receive rear entry or vertical ducting. The fan should be able to offer constant trickle ventilation boosted by various integral sensors.

The fan performance should meet the building regulations (Document F) requirements of 15 litres a second for bathrooms and 6l/s for toilets. (15-minute timer over run for internal rooms). The motor should be a highly efficient ball bearing capacitor type motor and should be insulated to class B and be fitted with standard thermal overload protection (STOP).


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