Solo Range



The Solo range of high performance centrifugal extract fans from Vent-Axia have beenspecifically designed for effective ducted ventilation of internal bathrooms, WC's and other small rooms. Finished in White. The Solo range can be used with 100mm diameter smooth bore duct in straight runs equal to 50m, yet still meets the 54m3/h (15 l/s) required by the Building Regulations Document F for ventilation of bathrooms.IP44 Rated.

High air movement capacity and pressure characteristics are the result of a reliable ball bearing shaded pole motor and a unique forward curve impeller developed by Vent-Axia. Detailed attention to airflow management throughout the unit ensures efficient running and quiet operation.

Models are available for surface or recessed mounting directly into standard 100mm diameter ducting. Suitable for panel, wall and ceiling installations and windows up to 25mm thick. For high rise or coastal applications, install through the wall with a Vent Cowl (Stock Ref. No. 56 14 03)

Model Range

Vent-Axia Solo P (Pullcord)
Single speed 85m3/h. Control by pullcord or from light/remote switch or sensor.
Stock Ref No: 11101010A
Vent-Axia Solo T (Timer)
Single speed 85m3/h. Control by room light switch or other remote switch. Overrun timer variable from 5 to 25 minutes.
Stock Ref No: 11101030A
Vent-Axia Solo TM2 (Timer/PIR)
Control by integral PIR detector. Fan is switched ON when PIR is triggered. Built-in overrun timer, variable from 5 to 25 minutes, switches fan Off.
Stock Ref No: 11101060A
Vent-Axia Solo HTP (Humidity/Timer)
Humidity controlled single speed fan with pullcord override. 17 min overrun timer.
Stock Ref No: 11101080A

Product Specification

Rear 20mm conduit entry for recessed wiring or side entry grommet for surface wiring. Double insulated appliance.

Enclosure of the electrical components manufactured from flame retardant grade material. Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.

Window fitting kit Stock Ref. No. 114 61 685A
White wall fitting kit Stock Ref. No. 25 41 02
Brown wall fitting kit Stock Ref. No. 25 41 00

Manufacturers of some fluorescent/low energy lighting systems indicate that these can interfere with other electronic/timing circuits. For reliable operation of these circuits we recommend therefore that a tungsten filament light is used.

Type Stock Ref. No. Amps @ 240V Extract m³/h Performance l/s Max Watts dB(A) 85m³/h
Solo P 111 01 010A 0.15 85 24 35 42
Solo T 111 01 030A 0.15 85 24 35 42
Solo TM2 111 01 060A 0.15 85 24 35 42
Solo HTP 111 01 080A 0.15 85 24 35 42







To meet IEE Regulations, timer models should be isolated using a 3 pole isolator.
Stock Ref. No. 56 35 18

Fan Dims 155 140 36 98Ø 85 55 60
Transformer 175 90 55 30
Weight 1.35kg


Duct hole diameter 115mmØ <br />Remove spigot if used with System 25
Duct hole diameter 115mmØ 
Remove spigot if used with System 25


Window Model
Window fixing hole Ø 113mm
Window fixing hole Ø 113mm


Typical Specifications

Supply and Install a Solo Centrifugal fan suitable for window, wall or ducted applications with integral backdraught shutter as manufactured by

Vent-Axia Ltd
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9YX
Telephone: 0844 8560590

The fan performance should meet the Building Regulation (Document F) requirements of 15 litres a second for bathrooms and 6 l/s for toilets, (15 minute timer overrun model for internal rooms).

The motor should be of a shaded pole induction construction and fitted with ball bearings. The motor should be insulated to Class B and fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.).

Washable removable filter
Semi-Recessed model
115mm hole is drilled with a core cutter when using a wall fitting kit
Telescopic wall liner is fitted

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