T-Series Inline Model



No other range of high performance in-line duct fan offers a combination of 3 impeller diameters, reversibility, low sound level, speed control and built-in electric shutter. T-Series features a unique speed control pack which enables high, medium or low speed to be preset to suit room size or required duty. Designed for use with rigid or flexible ducting, T-Series In-Line models can be plate mounted or fixed through partitions and in ceiling voids. T-Series built right, built tight, built bright.

T-Series controllers may be used with this model to obtain a choice of speeds, extract/intake airflow direction and automatic sensor operation. The Vent-Axia Ecotronic controller gives even greater running economy with its minimum speed setting and 'E' mode.


Where ducts pass through an unheated roof void, the duct should be insulated. Horizontal ducts should fall away from the fan unit. In circumstances where an excessive amount of moisture is present, a condensation trap should be installed in the exhaust duct. The fan unit should be accessible for regular maintenance.

Easy Cleaning

Integrated component design allows all parts to be dismantled for cleaning without the use of specialist tools.

Model Range

T-Series In-Line models are reversible, offer low sound levels, speed control and build in electronic shutter
Stock Ref No: W161710B


T-Series In-Line models are reversible, offer low sound levels, speed control and build in electronic shutter
Stock Ref No: W163710B
T-Series In-Line models are reversible, offer low sound levels, speed control and build in electronic shutter
Stock Ref No: W164710B


T-Series Controller
  • Three speeds. Choice of extract/intake
  • Shutter open, fan Off setting
  • Sensor mode. Enables external electro mechanical switches, eg:
Ecotronic, HumidiSwitch, ThermoSwitch and TimeSwitch to control the fan.
Stock Ref No: W361119
Ecotronic Controller
For groups of units of any one size up to a total of 400 watts. Do not mix T-Series with Standard Range ventilating units on one controller.
Stock Ref No: W362320
Ambient Response Humidity Sensor
The latest self programming electronic On/Off wall mounted humidity sensor which reacts to any rapid increase in humidity and temperature by switching a Vent-Axia fan ‘On’ for rapid removal of moisture laden air, in domestic bathrooms and kitchens. Can be wired into controller "Auto" mode connections. Night time RH increment setback feature suppresses uisance tripping when the humidity level gradually rises as the temperature falls. Features & Benefits:
  • Ambient operating temp range +5°C to +40°C.
  • Changeover relay switch.
Stock Ref No: 563550A

Product Specification


Supplied complete with an integral instantaneous automatic louvre shutter. It will operate on both intake and extract and at any angle of mounting.

The shutter is electronically controlled by an actuator with a damped action giving quiet operation during instant opening and closing. The interlocking edges of the shutter blades provide maximum backdraught protection.

When the ventilating unit is used with a T-Series controller, the shutter can be set open with the fan motor switched Off to provide natural ventilation without the security risk of an open window.


Motor purpose-designed. Suitable for running at any angle. Quiet running, enclosed.


Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C.

Fitted with non-self resetting Thermal Overload Protection.

Supply voltage 220-240V/1/50 Hz.

Unit size 6 9 12
Stock Ref. No. 16 17 10 16 37 10 16 47 10
Amps @ 240V 0.24 0.42 0.51
Extract Performance m³/h Low 318 703 1674
Extract Performance m³/h Med 398 966 2000
Extract Performance m³/h High 444 1050 2230
Watts (high) 45 80 105
dB(A) (med) @ 3m 45 47 51
Shutter (TX only) Instant
Surface Controllers T-Series Type TSC W36 11 19
Surface Controllers T-Series Ecotronic 130 W30 01 20
Surface Controllers T-Series Ecotronic 400 W36 23 20
Surface Controllers T-Series Time Switch TTC W36 13 10

Flush box Stock Ref. No. 40 01 44



T-Series In-Line 14
T-Series In-Line 14


T-Series In-Line Models 15
T-Series In-Line Models 15


T-Series In-Line Models 16
T-Series In-Line Models 16



Size 6 (150mm) 9 (230mm) 12 (300mm)
A 75 71 200
B 175 183 337
C 45 41 45
175 300 400
E 220 302 378
F 226 304 381
Fixing Hole Diameter 184 260 337