VCD Volume Control Damper



HVC Series VCD dampers are able to be manufactured in larger single sizes than similar S900 volume control dampers from our NCA range of products. Thus making them better suited to larger applications where the use of divided sections and the necessary mullions is deemed detrimental to performance.

All major components being made from aluminium is also of huge benefit. Not only are these volume control dampers much lighter than their steel counterparts, but they have a greater inherent resistance to the effects of corrosion, enabling use in coastal areas, or facilities like swimming pools where the presence of high humidity and chlorine would quickly affect steel units.​



  • General purpose volume control damper
  • Extruded aluminium construction
  • Wide range of options and accessories
  • 100mm deep (NCA VCDs 65mm deep)




Volume control dampers need not be overly complicated. The only requirements are that they should have a low leakage when closed, not create too much resistance when open and should be easy to operate. Series VCD Volume Control Dampers satisfy all of these requirements: The 75mm blade pitch with a blade less than 1cm thick at it's widest point, results in very little resistance when open, while the standard blade is shaped perfectly to reduce leakage when closed.

For ease of use, HVC Series VCD Volume Control Dampers are unparalleled. From the low torque blade linkages utilising interconnected lever arms with either low or high temperature parts, to the availability of an aerofoil blade with integrated seal, designed to reduce leakage rates, especially when partnered with stainless steel side seals. Everything about these dampers is designed for smooth, effective operation.

As previously mentioned, a wide range of options including high temperature components can be fitted to your volume control damper. Additional side seals can be incorporated to provide a better shut off when close, without hindering performance when open, and a full range of control methods include

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