Victoria Smoke and Bifurcated Fans



Since 1984 Victoria Fan & Engineering Supplies and Lindab Ireland has been  involved in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of industrial fans for use in the heating and ventilating industries, petro-chemical and offshore industries and many other industries supplying both standard and non-standard fans.

The Victoria Fan range includes Axial Flow, Bifurcated, Centrifugal and Roof Type fans, in standard and special material. They are applied in many ventilation systems and in various industrial processes throughout the United Kingdom and Overseas.



Axial Flow Fans

250 – 2000 MM
0.09 - 75KW single and stage


Bifurcated Fans

150 – 1250MM
0.18 - 55 KW


Centrifugal Fans

100 – 1600 MM
0.18 – 250KW Single and double inlet


Roof Extract Units

250 – 2000 MM
0.25 - 55KW


High Pressure Blowers

2000 – 15000 PA
0.25 - 55KW


Emergency Smoke Extract

Victoria Fans have certification to BS EN 12101 for a comprehensive range of Axial Flow Fans at 300ºC for 2hrs and certification to BS 7346 for Bifurcated Fans at 300ºC for 1 hour.

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