eDemand Eco Controls



Vent Axia's new eDemand range of controllers offer demand ventilation control for current speed controllable A/C motor fan ranges.

The range covers
1 and 3 phase electronic voltage controllers
1 to 3 phase inverters
3 Phase inverters
1 phase inverters
All inverters models include integrated SINEFILTER

All models have quick start pre-programmed modes, common user interface and are rated to IP54.

To compliment the range there are 3 new purpose designed twin Fan auto changeover panels for both single and three phase power supplies, with adjustable duty share timer, rated to IP54.


Power Supply 24V DC SELV (Sentinel)
For those situations where a separate 24V DC SELV supply source is required. (Will power up to 5 Sentinel Dampers) 24W output capacity.
Stock Ref No: 433193


Visionex PIR (Sentinel)
A wall or ceiling person presence detector for use with Sentinel. Can be used in MIN - MAX mode or for direct damper control. Fits any UK single gang mounting box. Adjustable timer overrun (5-25 minutes). Range of detection up to 10 metres. Designed to meet IP43. Ambient operating temperature range 0°C to +50°C. Supply voltage 24V DC SELV.
Stock Ref No: 433162
CO2 + Temp Room Sensor (Sentinel)
HVAC temperature and carbon dioxide room sensor for ventilation control of residential areas, office areas and classrooms. Used with Sentinel in Proportional control mode. Sensor will monitor both CO2 and temperature levels between the set points, the Sentinel air extraction rate will follow the higher of the 2 outputs. 24V DC SELV. 0 - 2000ppm CO2 working range. 0 - 50°C Temperature working range. Auto-calibrating NDIR CO2 absorption sensor. Thin film platinum temperature sensor for high accuracy. Dimensions:100 x 84 x 25mm (H x W x D).
Stock Ref No: 433257
CO2 Duct Sensor (Sentinel)
High CO2 levels promote increased fatigue and reduced concentration. Sensor monitors CO2 level in extract ducts from conference areas, offices, theatres etc. With Sentinel in Proportional control mode, air extraction rate tracks the CO2 level to improve indoor air quality. 24V DC SELV, 0 - 2000ppm CO2 working range. Auto-calibrating NDIR absorption sensor. Stable drift compensation. Adjustable probe length. IP Rating 65.
Stock Ref No: 433259
Sentinel Costant Pressure PIR Grille
PIR grille is on extract grille with an integral flap damper. Suitable for bathrooms and WC’s. The PIR function fully opens the damper when a person presence is detected. The opening time is fixed at 20 mins. Spigot size is 125mm. 12V AC SELV unit using the main transformer unit supplied. Integral PIR person presence sensor controlling damper - 100° viewing angle. Autohumidity control damper response at all times. Temperature range 0 - 50°C . Size: 158 x 150 x 35mm (H x W x D). MAX airflow 70m3/hr @100 Pa.
Stock Ref No: 434184
Sentinel Constant Pressure System Dampers
Two types available for Sentinel CP Systems: MM - opening shut/MIN to open/MAX controlled by switches PC - opening proportionally when controlled by 0-10V sensors. Duct sizes available: 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 and 315. Industry standard actuators. Typical ordering designation: DVD size MM or PC
Stock Ref No: ProjectBased
Remote Speed Control (Sentinel)
Provides infinitely variable Sentinel fan speed control between the 2 set points in Proportional mode. This control does NOT provide an ON/OFF switching facility. Manual control. located remotely. 24V DC SELV. Ambient operating temperature -5°C to +40°C. Dimensions:84 x 84 x 30mm (H x W x D). Will fit single gang box for surface mounting.
Stock Ref No: 426332

Typical Specifications

LCD multi function display
Min/Max speed limitation settings
Quick start-up by pre-programmed modes
Total motor protection using thermistor connection
Menu language – English, German, French, Italian
RS485 Modbus Interface
Master/Slave capability via 0- 10V output
2 x analogue input for sensors

  • CO2 Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Constant Pressure Control
  • Manual remote speed control (0-20 mA)

2 x Programmable relay output

  • Fault Condition
  • Master slave

2 x Programmable Digital inputs

  • On/Off
  • External fault
  • Manual speed control

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