MX - LoWatt Roof Fans



The Award Winning LoWatt MX Roof Range, bringing longer life, lower maintenance and energy savings to a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Three stylish diagonal discharge models MX10, MX20 and MX30 offer customised performances up to 5,500m³/h. The units are moulded in tough recyclable material, fully UV stabilised and are suitable for arduous external conditions.

The design features a mixed flow impeller with the motor out of the airstream and a slanted diagonal discharge pattern which creates an upwardly spiralling discharge pattern.

Suitable for horizontal mounting only (max. of 3° from horizontal).


At the heart of the range is the latest DC technology, eliminating the need for expensive transformer controllers to achieve customised duties. Due to LoWatt DC design, the motors run cooler, prolonging the life of the bearings and motor lubricants. The motor is integral to the mixed flow impeller and is designed for ambient duct temperatures up to +80°C.

MX motors are up to 80% efficient in converting energy into rotation, providing large energy savings throughout the speed range. They are also precisely controllable, typically offering energy savings of 40-60% compared with AC equivalents.

On Board Control

The electronics in the LoWatt MX range offer the possibility of
setting any working point/speed whenever required without a
controller. The standard unit is ready to connect to a single phase
electrical supply. However, an ideal working point can be set either
at the factory or on site to suit a system duty. If the system resistance
or volume requirement changes, the fan duty can be re-programmed
to meet this new performance on site. Traditional AC products are
tied to 4, 6 and 8 pole models and costly transformers – the
LoWatt MX is simply set up at the desired speed and, if required,
can be controlled using inexpensive switches connected by four
core low voltage wire. The LoWatt DC system can be controlled
down to much lower speeds than AC motors providing very quiet
performance when required.

Model Range

Controllers - SAG 0-2
2-step controller step 1 and 2 are separately adjustable
Stock Ref No: 454616
Controllers - SAG 0-5
5-step controller adjustable maximum capacity
Stock Ref No: 454617
Controllers - SAG 0-M
Infinitely variable controller adjustable maximum capacity
Stock Ref No: 454618


Model A B D E F G H
MX10/10 460 330 575 60 473 44 196
MX20/10 580 450 708 60 540 48 241
MX30/20 665 535 863 60 601 64 302



LoWatt MX Sectional View

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