About Lindab Rainline

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About Lindab Rainline

​Lindab Rainline offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation.

Rainwater Systems must resist:

  • Continual moisture corrosion
  • Harsh weather
  • UV-radiation​

Rainwater Systems must endure:

  • Water
  • Ice
  • Debris
  • Abrasion – inside and out​

Steel is the ideal material for roof drainage systems. Steel is lighter than cast iron and inexpensive compared to cast aluminium. Steel material for roof drainage systems also offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which cracks, moves and leaks).

Lindab Rainline is the steel gutter system of choice for both domestic and commercial use as it is lightweight, durable and long-lasting.  Whether it is a traditional project or a contemporary scheme Lindab Rainline offers design flexibility with a wide range of colours and finishes available to choose from. Character and a differentiating feature to a project can be added by the right choice of rainwater system and Lindabs Rainline durable coating will not fade when exposed to rain or sun. Manufactured to the highest standards, every component in the Lindab Rainline System simply snaps together for ease of installation. Lindab Rainline is made from high-performance steel, GreenCoat RWS.

Lindab Rainline provides years of leak free service as it has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion making it less prone to leakage caused by deformation during spells of hot or cold weather and does not require sealants.

Buildings situated in high traffic areas are offered further protection by a range of reinforced pipes and outlets with integrated brackets called Lindab Rainline Vandal.

The environment affects the coating of Lindab Rainline. This could be from:

  • Busy roads
  • Industrial emissions
  • Solar radiation
  • Proximity to salt-water​

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​Lindab Rainline metallic finishes offer a galvanised or natural copper aesthetic without the natural weathering of unpainted metal.

Lindab Rainline Silver Metallic painted finish

– sparkly appearance is retained

Lindab Rainline Anthracite Metallic painted finish

– darker appearance

Lindab Rainline Copper Metallic painted finish

 – retains the original appearance